Do you want to be a short-term trader of CFDs & Forex?

Welcome to the blog

This is a site dedicated to the beginner. I'll show you my own simple pattern trading methods and how you can hone all your trading skills.

It will explain why short-term end of day position trading is streets ahead of both day trading and trend trading.
And I'll do my best to guide you through all the pitfalls of trading for the newbie.
Beginners Guide

Use these guides to learn how to become a successful short-term swing trader.

Technical Analysis

Most Technical Analysis is not appropriate for short-term leveraged trading of CFDs and Forex. Find out which techniques I personally use to trade the markets.

trading Psychology

Trading is about keeping discipline in both the good times and the bad. Find out why and how to keep your cool.

Money Management

Simple maths will keep you on the right side of your P&L - learn how here.