Being A Gold Bug Ain’t Easy

As a gold bug, I've spent many a year believing that both gold and silver prices are about going to ...
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Never high-five your winners!

I'm pretty damn adept these days when it comes recognising bubble tops. But didn't realise just how attuned I was, ...
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My Trading Journey Continues – losing my trading discipline

It was in the Buddy Internet shop where my genius first struck. Unbeknownst to me at the time this genius ...
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Aggressive Outside Bar Setup

The Aggressive Outside Bar Setup

The definition of an outside bar is a price bar with lower low and higher high than the previous price ...
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Beat over-trading

How To Beat Over-Trading

Our personal trading journeys can often feel like mythic adventures, like the one undertaken by Odysseus in Homer's classic Greek ...
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Trading Psychology

Four Common Trading Psychology Problems

Trading psychology is one of the three core tenets of successful trading. The others being market timing and money management ...
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My Trading Journey Part One

It was 2003 and I had all my plans in place. I’d bought a trading course from the classifieds section ...
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On Weekly Price Action Trading

On Weekly Chart Trading

Funny that most of us get into trading with the goal of doing less not more. And yet no sooner ...
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Shorting at moving averages

Shorting At Moving Averages

A common question I'm asked is: when long and a short signal emerges should I place an order for the ...
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Guest Post: First Steps to Trading Success

I’ll cut to the chase – Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor is making money from trading Forex. Forget ...
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