Aggressive Outside Bar Setup

The Aggressive Outside Bar Setup

The definition of an outside bar is a price bar with lower low and higher high than the previous price ...
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On Weekly Price Action Trading

On Weekly Chart Trading

Funny that most of us get into trading with the goal of doing less not more. And yet no sooner ...
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Shorting at moving averages

Shorting At Moving Averages

A common question I'm asked is: when long and a short signal emerges should I place an order for the ...
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Trading Pullbacks Tradeneo Style

There's something emotionally comforting about trading pullbacks. After all, it's human nature to want to buy things up on the ...
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How To Really Use Moving Averages

Here's a quick post on how I use moving averages. In the past, I've referenced this method as 'tagging the ...
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Trade On Technicals Not Fundamentals

It's not just gold that recently broke the $2000 handle. Take a look at Tesla. Elon Musk, that eccentric South ...
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Trading Pivot High Inside Bar Breakouts

Buying Pivot High Inside Bar Breakouts

These are two reasons why I've made inside bars my bread and butter. Decreased price volatility means tighter initial stop ...
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Trading 8-Hour Charts

If you can’t handle the pressure of 5-min charts, but think your too impatient for the daily timeframe, then it’s ...
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A Short Strategy That Works Well

A Shorting Strategy That Works Well

This shorting strategy I am going to show you is my favourite. I called it the Ultimate Smash Bar Short ...
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Reversal Strategy

Long Harami Pin Bar Reversal Strategy

The pin bar strategy is a popular reversal technique used by many retail forex traders. It's a two-bar pattern that ...
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